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Automated, Customizable & Exceptionally Efficient

Our intelligent managed care software Mitchell ReviewStat is designed to streamline the care continuum. Enhance your medical management program with Mitchell ReviewStat. This highly automated workflow solution is built to facilitate and monitor the progress of cases for utilization review, peer review, case management and more. ReviewStat automates decisions and streamlines processes, allowing your clinical team to focus on providing better outcomes.


ReviewStat Features & Functionality

Mitchell ReviewStat provides the following features to help you boost efficiency and improve quality:

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Reporting Functionalities

Clearly understand program performance with custom ad hoc export capabilities and quality assurance reporting options to support managers in real-time.

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Multi Service System

Utilize our built-in peer review services or integrate your peer review vendor software systems with our platform.

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Automation Capabilities

Automate your medical management interactions for utilization review, peer review or case management assignments and tasks to qualified reviewers by leveraging our assignment and workload balancing rules engines.

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Efficient and Customizable Technology

Realize greater efficiency and productivity from your medical management team with advanced automation and customized views.

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Flexible Workflows

Meet business-specific needs with our automated capabilities and functionality.


Benefits of Using ReviewStat

Mitchell’s customer-centric software, including our robust rules engine, seeks to deliver quality outcomes for clinical professionals by:

  • Enhancing quality and creating more accurate and consistent outcomes.
  • Automating decisions, thereby allowing clinical reviewers more time to focus on important tasks.
  • Eliminating manual administrative tasks by streamlining multiple processes.
  • Accelerating communications between the various stakeholders and medical providers involved in the medical management lifecycle.
  • Improving productivity by conveniently integrating with other platforms.
  • Reducing medical review costs.
  • Tracking work abilities, lost time and auto-assessing Return to Work using benchmarks and automated savings calculations.
  • Allowing customers, through robust and configurable modules, to easily auto-generate invoices, progress reports and activity notes.

By leveraging ReviewStat, customers can experience up to a:

  • 99.9% uptime each quarter
  • 50% efficiency gain
Utilization Review Requirements

ReviewStat for Michigan Auto Utilization Review Requirements

Mitchell ReviewStat helps carriers perform retrospective utilization reviews in compliance with the Michigan utilization review administrative rules that went into effect on July 2, 2020. Click here to learn more about Mitchell’s auto casualty solution offerings, and fill out the form below for more information about Mitchell’s Michigan utilization review capabilities.

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